Things to Carry in Your Purse to Prepare for Anything

Being prepared is a valuable asset and it can get you out of tight situations. Don’t know what to carry in your purse? Here is a list of items to carry in your bag everyday. (Keep in mind most people don’t carry all of these things at one time)

1. Makeup bag (with your essential daily touchup makeup)
2. Travel Dental Hygiene Bag
3. Dry Tissue pack – you probably already carry a tissue pack in your purse for emergency spills or allergies. Fall brings more reason to carry tissue in case you get a cold.
4. Hand Sanitizer – this is now a household name thanks to the Coronavirus proving the importance of taking precautions to protect ourselves from viruses and bacteria.
5. Hair ties – why is there never a hair tie around when you need one?
6. Breath Mints or Gum – you never know when you’ll get invited out to eat or who you will need to come into close contact with.
7. Headphones – in case you need find yourself having to avoid a conversation or wait somewhere alone and you want to listen to a podcast, your favorite book or music
8. Mini first aid kit – because you never know who will need it
9. Spare pad or tampon – you might know your cycle but you never know if someone will need one
10. Wet hand wipes – in case there isn’t a restroom nearby.
11. Pen (space pen preferably), Pencil, sticky notepad & mini notebook
12. Roll on perfume
13. POO Pourrie Toilet Sprays & Pottie Mints
14. Tide to go stick – in case of a stain on your clothing
15. Travel deodorant
16. BIC Lighter
17. Flashlight
18. Hand cream
19. Mouth Wash
20. Floss
21. a Small Comb
22. Nail polish remover wipes
23. a Pair of Earrings
24. a Sewing Kit (with safety pins)
25. Cash
26. AntiBlister Balm (for your feet)
27. Portable Handbag Hanger
28. Swiss Army Knife
29. Stainless Steel Straws
30. Travel Size Dry Shampoo
31. Heel Protectors (keeps you from sinking into the grass or stepping into the gaps of a grate if you’re wearing stiletto heels)
32. Oil Absorbing Sheets
33. Business Cards
34. Face Mask (thank you, Covid)
35. Sunscreen
36. Mirror
37. Change purse
38. Travel pack of q-tips
39. Fresh Lip Gloss or Lipstick (4 Shades – Nude, Red, Pink and Dark)
40. Sharpie
41. Portable Charger
42. Bobby Pins
43. Rubber Bands
44. Emergency Contact List in Writing or a Mini Phonebook that matches your phone contacts
45. Bandana (there are so many uses for a Bandana I found on a prepper site: 75 Ways to Use a Bandana)
46. Compact Folded Trash Bag
47. Tea Bags or Instant Coffee Packs
48. Foldable Ballet Shoes
49. Water Enhancers
50. Super Glue
51. Thermometer
52. Spare Spoon, Fork or Spork
53. Duct Tape
54. Spare Underwear
55. Paper Soap Sheets
56. Razor
57. Disposable Gloves
58. Hard Candy/Nuts – I don’t recommend chocolate or a perishable item because they will melt or will be forgotten about and rot.

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